Thursday, May 11, 2006

If the weather stays like this...

... I'll never want to go back to work!

I've just had the most fabulous two days. Yesterday, I met a lady I used to work with for lunch in Princes Street Gardens. She's considering making a scrapbook of photos of her late sister, who wasn't all that old when she died. So, I gave her some advice and I've promised to meet up with her again to discuss some ideas with her.

After she went back to work, I lay in the Gardens for a little while. It was great taking off my socks and shoes, and feeling the earth beneath my feet again. By the time I came back home, I just felt so calm and relaxed :o)

Today, I went on a walk to Braid. I was conscious that it might be my last time there for a while, so I went to say goodbye. The grove where I used to meet my druid group was utterly divine - carpeted with bluebells and glowing with the sunlight. I'll miss that place as it means a lot to me, however, as I stood there a voice in my head told me it was time to move on and find my own grove. Which it is.

I walked through the trees for a good long while. It's so different to the Gardens, you can really escape in Braid. There were points where all I could hear was the breeze in the trees, the rush of the braid burn and the singing of birds (accompanied by a chorus of buzzy bees). That's why I love it so much - I can lose myself there and forget that I live in a dirty city!

I was exhausted when I came back as I had been walking for almost 2.5 hours. I promptly got out of all my sticky clothes and lay down and had a nap :o)


Blogger Kat said...

Oh, hun - I hope you find some place like this in London ... most likely outside of London, but you will find your grove!!!

9:44 pm  

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