Monday, May 08, 2006

Interviews and absolution....

It's been ages since I've written anything. Time just seemed to disappear last week.

The interview went a lot better than the previous one. They were actually interested in me and not whether they could pigeon-hole me into "competancies". YAY! It made such a difference. I really don't know why the biggest publishing group in the world (supposedly) advertise for out of the ordinary people, when it's clear from their interviews that they only want clones. Thankfully, not every employer seems to be like that! Hope has been restored - lol!

Upset of the weekend was making a boo-boo where another job I was going to apply for was concerned. Thanks to New Scientist jobs for screwing up their info! Hopefully, I can fix everything out and it will be ok. If not, too bad, I suppose it was really my fault for not being more aware of things.

Graeme and I are working hard at the moment to sort things out for when we move. We'll only have a matter of weeks to get ourselves down to London and most of that will be taken up by Graeme's notice period, so we'd best get organised now. We've started fixing up the flat. Finally, we have a new curtain rail in our bedroom again! We've also been chucking out anything that we don't use any more, which has been mostly Graeme's electronics stash so far. Oh, and plastic bags! I don't know how we ever ended up with so many. They really are awful and it's a nightmare to find anywhere that recycles them in Edinburgh!

I suppose all this work could be a waste of time, if we don't get work soon, but I'm trying not to think like that. I'm sure someone must want to employ us!

On another note, I seem to be at a strange turning point in my life. I discovered a few things, which I had forgotten when I went home. I also found some answers that I was still looking for. Now, I find myself beginning to understand many of the events of the last few years. My most valuable lesson of all this has been how much guilt I have needlessly carried. I don't know how many times I have blamed myself for things that were never my fault. I seem to carry more guilt than the average catholic - lol. Joking aside, I know now that this is something I need to stop.

I've also started working through a cognitive behavioural therapy programme. It's supposed to help people with depression. It all seems a bit dull but I'll give it a try. It's very difficult when I'm really sceptical about it though. I know CBT doesn't seem to work in the long term going by statistics, so what is the point?! Well, I suppose the point is that it's better than sitting doing nothing and letting myself get down again :o)


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Sometimes just moving forward is the main thing.

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