Friday, April 21, 2006

My epic German adventure!

I'm back! Did you all miss me?!

Germany was great - we saw loads of exciting places and ate loads of cake! I'll need to go on a diet now to get the extra pounds I've acquired off ;o)

We spent a few days in Berlin before moving on to Dresden. It was great to see Berlin but, I have to say, I didn't particularly like the city. It's got a strange feel to it and the people weren't particularly polite. We had a comedy run-in with a jumped up cloakroom attendant in the Pergammon Museum, who was just being a "stupid officious woman" as Graeme's mum put it (to her face, no less).

Here's the obligatory tourist photo of the Brandenburg Gate:

In Berlin's defense it did have the most fantastic chocolate shop on Unter den Linden. They had a whole range of chocolate with different percentages of cocoa in it, ranging from very milky to extremely dark. They also had sculptures of Berlin landmarks made out of chocolate. Here's the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church:

Anyhoo, we moved on to Dresden which I liked a lot more. It had real character to it and it must have been very affluent before the Second World War. It was a strange fusion of a place - there were beautiful candy coloured houses and round the next corner, horrid blocks of flats. The people there were a bit nicer too, although I continually felt I was being stared at. I'm not that odd looking surely!

On Easter Sunday, we went to a service in the Frauenkirche. The Frauenkirche was destroyed during the Allied bombing of Dresden, along with a large number of other beautiful buildings. It's now been completely rebuilt and it's phenomenally beautiful inside:

After exploring Dresden, we spent some time visiting places in the Saxony countryside. It was like a fairy-tale landscape of little villages tucked into valleys and fortresses up on hills. I loved the dense, tall forests too. They were so different to our British ones.

Well, now it's back to normality (and a huge pile of laundry). I have to admit that Easter seems to have passed me by. I didn't even buy any easter eggs for anyone! I'm so used to being at home for Easter, that I don't think I realised that I was going to be away.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go and check out the new craft shop near the flat. I need some more cardstock, so hopefully they'll have a decent enough range. If it's nice weather, I think Graeme and I will go to the Botanics as well.


Blogger Kat said...

Nice pics!!! :)

Did you get to go to the Spreewald in the end? Glad you enjoyed your trip to Germany!!

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