Friday, April 07, 2006


I am free of the civil service as of today! Thank goodness! Now, I can concentrate on getting work that I am qualified to do and finding somewhere that will give me a challenge.

Admittedly, the people I worked with were not awful people. In fact, most of the time we had a laugh and messed about. However, the job was dull central and I won't miss that!

They also gave me £25 worth of vouchers for Waterstones, which I fully intend on spending tomorrow :o)

I also managed to get another of my comments published on the BBC website. It was in response to Jack McConnell's speech in the US about how Scotland is reaching another enlightenment. Fair enough, he might have been bigging us up to the Americans, but it's total twaddle. Scotland does not have the job opportunities to support talented people, who have the potential to bring about this enlightenment. I know so many people, including myself, who are being forced to move because of lack of jobs and opportunities in Scotland.

It's all piffle, I say!


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