Monday, January 16, 2012

First Kew Gardens trip of 2012

This weekend brought the first proper frost I can recall seeing this winter. Amazing, considering that it's January already. Strange weather indeed!

It was the perfect day to explore Kew Gardens - crisp and cold, with beautiful blue skies. What a contrast to the last time we visited (picnicking amongst the tumbling leaves of the October mini-heatwave)! There were definite signs of Spring, however, with lots of sprouting crocuses and daffodils. I was over the moon to see some beautiful snowdrops, although I felt there wasn't as many as I remember from previous years. Maybe more will have come through when I go back for the Tropical Extravaganza in few weeks!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back on the blogwagon (for now)...

This blog has died a death in recent times. I suppose I could never decide which direction to take it in. It could have become focused on bellydance or tea & cakes or science - all great loves of mine. However, I don't think I have the dedication (or time) to keep thinking of things to post on a single subject. Maybe, the blog just has to be a little of everything, depending on what takes my fancy in the moment. I have a tendency to make posting on the blog a chore as well. I need to get away from feeling that I need to write an essay, instead being content to just post a photo or a few sentences.

I had a lovely, relaxed Christmas and Hogmanay despite it being a bit of a damp squib in some respects. G was ill and is probably one of a few individuals who lost weight over the festive period. Thankfully, he got better in time to enjoy some of the holidays. Hogmanay was probably quieter than we've ever had, but I feel it was what we both needed.

So, 2012. The wedding now seems iminent (and it is). I could pretend it was ages away when it was 2011! Lots to do and think about, but we seem to be fairly organised on the whole.

I can't write a post without mentioning our new obsession - Skyrim. G bought me the game for Christmas and we both love it. It's just a gorgeous looking game, right down to the last detail. *sad confession time* We takes turns at playing - I do magic and he hacks at things with a big sword!

P.S. The photo is of Panpepato ("peppered bread"), an Italian delight I made to share at Christmas. It's so rich and lovely that you only need a tiny piece!

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