Monday, April 24, 2006


I'm feeling much better after my early morning rant. Went out this afternoon to meet Kat. We had a very-filling chinese buffet lunch, which after a week where we both gorged on cakes in Germany, was probably not the best idea for our waistlines :o) After that we visited the new craft shop in town. It's nice and has some lovely stuff. However, I get the feeling the owner is seeing what sells first (sensibly) as there was quite an eclectic mix of things. I treated myself to some cardstock, acrylic paints and thong to keep my stocks up.

I then came home and tidied my craft room. I cannot believe the junk I found in there. I had receipts and invoices going back to 2004! Well, they are all binned now. I also found quite a few things I had forgotten I had. Including this paper:

It's a K & Company paper and the teddies are embossed! EEK! I think every crafter/scrapbooker has something like that at home. An item where you look at it and go "why?!" Now, don't get me wrong, I did not buy this, I was gifted a sheet by a friend because she had ended up with two of them (heaven forbid). I should have known then that the friendship was doomed to failure ;o)

Anyhoo, what do I do with it? I have several ideas, none of them pleasant. I could cut out all the teddies and turn them into ATCs. Then I could share the horror of this paper with the world! I'm not that cruel though.

Suggestions on a postcard please......


Blogger lalheg said...

Don't you dare!

10:46 pm  
Anonymous Donna said...

Well - I dare you. Go on, cut them out, stick them on some cool backgrounds, get your pens out and turn them into teddies from hell. I'll trade.:)

10:14 am  

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