Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A perfect May holiday weekend!

What a great weekend I've had! Graeme and I had a talk on Friday about all my/our concerns regarding jobs/money etc. It seemed to clear the air a little. We also decided to have a weekend where we focused on spending time together.

On Saturday, we had a late breakfast sitting outside in the sun. It was a gorgeous day - I don't think there was a cloud in the sky. Then we went for a wander and discovered Ottakers half price sale (they are closing on George Street). I got five books to add to my ever-growing backlog :o)

On Sunday, we had a really relaxing day. It was great, although we didn't do overly much. I suppose it was just enough that we enjoyed each others company.

Yesterday, we went walking in the Pentlands. Stupidly, we didn't take a map as we expected the walks to be a bit better marked than they were. So, we ended up walking for miles trying to get back to where we started from. It was good fun though. We managed to find a bit where you couldn't hear the hideous Edinburgh bypass. So, we just sat. It was so still and quiet with only birdsong and the odd sheep punctuating the silence. Bliss.

I'm off home to my parents for a few days today. I wonder how long I'll cope before I want to come home again!


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