Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not enough books in the world...

Since I finished up working, I have been tearing through books again. It is so wonderful to have the time to read :o)

On Friday, I read and finished Geraldine Brook's "March" on the train to and from London. I absolutely loved it. It's just a fantastic story, which highlights a family torn apart by war and also the struggle of experiencing the war itself. I found it incredibly moving although I don't think I can ever understand the horror of living through such an event.

Over the last two days, I have read and finished Philippa Gregory's "The Other Boleyn Girl". I enjoyed it also, although it's not very historically accurate. It also paints Anne Boleyn as a most dreadful creature indeed. I almost started cheering when she was executed! However, I think it captured very accurately the political games and the atmosphere at Court during that time.

So what now? I want a book that will last me more than a few days! I suppose I need to stop reading so fast and getting caught up in the story! Now, I'm torn between Anchee Min's "Empress Orchid" or Jung Chang's "Wild Swans". Empress Orchid will last only a few days again but I don't want to take Wild Swans to Scrapaganza (it's quite a big book). Maybe have to read some Jasper Fforde instead.

Decisions, decisions......


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