Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flat-pack Valentines

G and I went for a bit of a different approach to Valentine's Day this year. We exchanged cards as usual - mine was silly, G's was arty and subtle. G gave me two tickets to see Eddie Izzard in December (SQUEE!), and I'm taking us for a slap-up lunch and wine tasting in the near future.

We had a lovely brunch of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, toast and orange juice in the morning. Then our new bedroom furniture arrived... in the usual flat-packed format. We've been waiting ages for these to be delivered, and I was so astounded they even offered Saturday delivery that we agreed to accept delivery on Valentine's Day. Most of our afternoon was spent building our wardrobe, which looks fantastic now it's completed but needed way longer to build than we expected (isn't it always the same?).

Once it was done, it was time for a three course meal courtesy of Waitrose. We decided against going out for a meal, as you just pay a fortune for a set menu in a restaurant full of couples. There's something a little "factory farm dining" about it all! So, we had salmon, horseradish and lemon terrine, followed by sirloin steak, pommes dauphinoise and roasted vegetables, and finished off with chocolate souffle. Absolutely yummy and cost us about £15 to put together!

A slightly odd (but romantic in it's own way) Valentine's Day methinks!

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