Friday, February 13, 2009

The dreaded trip... wasn't so bad!

For months, I have been dreading our workshop at a place off junction 28 of the M1, which is apparently near Mansfield (it's not). Mainly because a) it was in the sticks and we needed two trains and a taxi to get there and b) I generally hate workshops now. However, I had a rather nice time yesterday despite the long day.

My boss had kindly booked first-class tickets as there wasn't much difference in price. First-class on East Midland trains is much nicer than first on GNER/National Express. It's lovely and comfy and they continually offer you tea/juice/biscuits. We even got a glass of wine on the way home! My boss missed our morning train, so I made the journey to Nottingham myself. I find that I really enjoy the quiet introspection of train journies. The carriage was so quiet as it was 7am and only 4 other people were sitting in it. I sat watching the sunrise over the snowy countryside and blissed out for a little while.

Once I got to Nottingham, I enjoyed the luxury of the first class lounge while waiting for my boss to arrive. Although I've travelled first class before, I've never had the need to use the first class lounge. Yesterday it was snuggly bastion of comfort (and further free tea and snacks) where I could escape from the freezing platforms.

Then it was on to the workshop, which was surprisingly good. The group were excellent and good fun. Admittedly, working with scabies, lice and other pleasant conditions probably calls for a sense of humour. I learned that pubic lice prefer single hairs, whereas head lice like many, which I not sure that I really needed to know!

So, I am pleased to say that yesterday was not the trauma I thought it would be. That often seems to be the case actually. I am wondering whether it is worth dreading everyday to ensure they are better than I expect!

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Blogger Heather said...

"I am wondering whether it is worth dreading everyday to ensure they are better than I expect!" -Ah - the voice of pessimism!

I do know what you mean though, but then kick myself when I worry about something that doesn't happen..

10:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Be pessimistic, then you can only be pleasantly surprised or right.'

It's a sentiment that has worked for me for many years!

12:37 am  

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