Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nit-Pick of the day...

While I am on a roll with ranting, why on UKS does "faith" equal Christianity? I am fed up with seeing "faithbooking", "faith CJs" and "faith swaps" which consist only of Christians. Do they believe they are the only ones with faith?! Do they have some sort of monopoly on the term that I'm not aware of?!

I've thought about posting a comment to that effect many times but I expect I would just be flamed. I suppose I shouldn't expect anything else when in the US, Mormons seem to be involved in most of the scrapbooking companies. I think it's all part of the reason that I have been going off scrapbooking. It's marketed as something for white Christian families with kids. I'm afraid I don't fit into that demographic but I feel my memories are still valuable and something to preserve for future generations. Maybe I'll just stick to photo albums and journals!


Anonymous Claudia said...

Mormons? Really? Yikes - I had no idea. I'll have to look into this one!

1:32 pm  

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