Thursday, June 08, 2006

All spare time this way please!

Well, I told you I'd be begging for more time! Hardly a week has past since the job offer and I have realised that this moving malarky is going to be quite a challenge. We've contacted loads of letting agents who have replied to us, but seem to have totally ignored the price range and locations we asked for. Typical, I feel we'll get on better once we are actually down there.

I'm still trying to sort out my references for my job too. My boss at the exec can't give me a reference as my employer (I was agency staff) but he will give me an informal reference. I've been trying to contact HR at my new job but the woman I need to speak to is never there. In fact, I suspect she is a fictional character entirely!

Yesterday was a good day though. Kat and I went on the hunt for free Docrafts stamps - lol. Eventually, we ended up in Dalkeith at Paperlace, which seems to be the nearest stockist to central Edinburgh. Thank you House of Fraser for stopping Jenners being stockists! I bought some lovely 8x8 paper packs (green and purple of course) and another set of alphabet stamps. Can never have enough alphabet stamps!

Today, I've made a list of things Graeme and I need to do. It is now stuck on the fridge where we can see it. Well, Graeme did say he needed a list so he's got one! Now, I am off to tidy the living room and try to progress on to the craft room.


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