Sunday, May 28, 2006

Busy, busy, busy!

That's me this weekend! I've been approached by the company I went for my last interview with. They'd like me to go for another job with them (as well as the first one), which I am sure must be a good sign :o) Typically, they need me to do some "homework" for them, so I am working away on that in between other things.

Yesterday, Graeme and I went shopping to get stuff for Club Noir tonight. Graeme is away back out today, as he couldn't decide what he wanted. LOL! I've been planning my outfit for weeks. Typical boy, waits until the last minute!

We went to see X Men 3 with Kat and Doug last night. It was good enough but I can't help feeling a little short changed. Some of the characters have been badly underplayed and killed off for no real reason. It's so not the Last Stand too. They've laid the foundations for part 4 - maybe they can get Brian Singer back! Saw the trailers for the new Superman movie (looks good enough but I think will disappoint) and the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie (Johnny Depp - need I say anymore ;o) ). It may be enough to entice me back to the cinema on a more regular basis!


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