Monday, June 05, 2006

I love it when all the pieces fall into place.....

Well, my interview went well on Friday. So well, that they offered me the job via email on Friday evening :o) I couldn't believe it. This was the job Ian had said to me to go for earlier this year, but it had then been filled. A similar position became available again and I stupidly missed the deadline for applications due to incorrect info online. However, they still interviewed me. I wasn't going to go as they gave me so little notice but my parents and others bullied me into it. Thank you - you all must have known something I didn't.

I can't help but thinking that this job was meant for me. It's the kind of thing I wanted from the beginning. I'll be organising conferences for a large scientific group. Conferences which I'll get to go to :o) I'll also be able to network with people from all areas in science - ideal when I need to move my career on! I really can't wait to get my teeth into something challenging again.

So, now begins the mammoth task of organising a move to London. We'll need to find somewhere to live first. I'm going to email some estate agents/letting agents today and attempt to organise some viewings for when we go down in a week or two's time. Hopefully, we can decide on something fairly quickly. We'll need to organise for the flat to be let out too. It all needs to be cleaned and tidied up, while we pack our own stuff.

It really is very exciting. I just think of all the opportunities awaiting us. All the shows (Wicked!), exhibitions and bellydance workshops that I'll be able to go to. I've felt for so long that my life had ground to a halt. I know that soon I will be begging for more time.

I truly am thankful that everything has come together so wonderfully (now if Graeme got a job too, it would be perfect). I feel utterly blessed at the moment!


Anonymous Joy said...

Congratulations, Sharon!!!! :0)

6:24 pm  
Blogger Kat said...

See... being a bully can be positive at times... ;)

10:09 am  

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