Monday, May 29, 2006

Burley-Q Fun!

What a night last night was :o) My first time at Club Noir and certainly not my last!

Graeme and I got glammed up. Graeme looked fab and you know something, so did I! It's not often I can say that - lol. I'd done all my nails (bright red of course), actually got my hair to sit nice and managed not to overdo the make-up. I really wish I'd got Graeme to take piccies of us before we went out, as we looked quite a pair :o) Gives me an excuse to do it all again!

We met Cairine and Andy at the Jam House and enjoyed our free cocktails. It's a fab venue with plenty of space. It's also bright and clean unlike dark and dingy Studio 24. We stood for ages admiring all the costumes. One girl was done up as Carmen Miranda complete with paper pineapple on her head! It was a great atmosphere, very relaxed and totally fun.

The shows were funny but sexy at the same time. There was a lot of "getting one-up" on blokes type themes, which I loved. The only weak one was a bellydance one and I think that was because I don't like seeing bellydance in that light. It's much more spiritual and sensual with me than openly risque. The dancer herself was ok but Cairine and I were horrified to learn that she was giving classes. Thankfully, Moira and Hilary have nothing to worry about!

Cairine and I were also intrigued by the advert for a Burlesque workshop. We'd both love to do it but I don't think we've got the courage. It would be utterly fab for the self-esteem though :o)

Anyhoo, what a great night! My feet are killing me and Graeme slept in for work, but I won't be missing the next Club Noir. Even if it means coming back from London!


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