Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off to London (yet again)

Well, in answer to my last question, the hassle is indeed worth the crap salary offered! I've decided to go for the interview mainly due to good advice from parents, Graeme and Kat. I was just a bit annoyed at the tone of their email but now I am trying to see it as a gift. I didn't think I would ever hear back from this job and I did. That's got to be good.

I'm going by train which should remove the terrible problems that Graeme had yesterday. His flight to London was delayed by five hours - eek! He finally arrived in London at 4pm after leaving the flat at 7.30am! Thankfully, the people interviewing him was happy to work around things. It still meant Graeme had to re-schedule his flight home and then it was delayed!

I think we must have said about all of 20 words to each other yesterday!


Anonymous Heather said...

Good luck Sharon!

10:32 pm  

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