Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All about me....

This is my completed jigsaw piece for Lori on AN. The topic was "all about me". I decorated it in my favourite colours (note to self: peel off the shiny original piccy before you try to cover it next time) and added little elements to reflect parts of me. The blue blob in the bottom right is a macrophage - the cells I studied for my PhD - and reflects my love of science. Next to it, at the bottom, reflects my love of art and creativity (bit more obvious this one). Bottom left are three oak leaves to reflect druidry and also my love of nature. Top left is Edinburgh Castle to represent my home (although that's all about to change). Top is a pumpkin as I love Samhain and pumpkins in general. Finally, on top right is a coin usually found on bellydance constuming (they have a habit of escaping though) and that's for my love of dance.

Simple really :o) I am pleased with how it turned out and in some ways I wanted to keep it for myself - lol! However, it's on it's way to the US now and hopefully Lori will have it soon.


Blogger Kat said...

Oh.. love it, hun! Is it one of the big-ish jigsaw pieces? (looks like it... the normal ones are too small!!! ;) )

8:57 pm  

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