Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hail to the Tuck Shop Queen!

I had a great day on Saturday helping out Kat and Doug at their festival of American Football. I was given control of the tuck shop - maybe not the best idea knowing my love of chocolate ;o) Graeme came along too and was my stock control minion - lol! As soon as the local kids heard about our crazy, crazy prices, we were inundated with nedlets. However, most of them were ok, although we had one boy continually annoying us and asking for his ball back (he'd nicked it from the youth team and Doug caught him out). By the end of the game, we had nearly sold out of everything (except 7-Up and Lidl crisps) - yay us!
*hugz* to Kat and Doug. You both did wonderfully on Saturday - don't let lack of numbers bring you down!
So, that was our highlight of the weekend. Lowlight was Graeme's PC playing silly games on Sunday. First, we thought the hard disc had died and we'd lost everything. Thankfully, it was nothing as drastic. There appears to be some sort of conflict between drivers/firewalls/other random software, which made our HD inaccessable. It seems to be sorted now (fingers crossed). I had a moment of terror when I thought all my Sims had been lost - lol.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It seems to be sorted now (fingers crossed)."

Lucky I'm such a computer wizz! ;-)

Damn you nVidia and your crappy drivers! *shakes fist*


2:25 pm  
Blogger Kat said...

Sharon & Graeme, as said on Saturday and also in my blog - Thanks soo much for helping out. Glad you enjoyed the day even if I had to stay at the sideline from 2:30pm onwards!!


Kat (& Doug)

7:54 pm  

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