Sunday, April 29, 2007

More creations!

It's been a lovely, busy weekend. I really feel I've got a lot done.
Yesterday, I had another lovely afternoon with Jaihn. After soaking up some of the Sun's rays over a cup of tea and some crispie cakes, we had a good few hours craftiness. I made these earrings and made a start on a few other pairs. It feels good to be creating again. I think working with something other than paper is what I need at the moment.
Today, Graeme and I went shopping in the morning. I got some nice new flip-flops and saw a lovely hat that I may have to buy as well! Then we came home, had lunch and played badminton outside in the garden.
This weekend has been the first time I have actually been in our garden. I've only ever peered at it out of our bedroom window before. It's quite a lovely space. There's a huge willow tree at the back of the garden, which has created it's own little world under it's branches. That end of the garden is really wild - there's loads of ground ivy and bluebells. Then in front of it, there's a nice flat area that is perfect for badminton/picnics/barbeques. It's a space that I think I want to get to know better over the summer!
This evening has been a flurry of cleaning, cooking and holiday preparations. I really will sleep tonight!

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Anonymous jaihn said...

Such lovely work, such a lovely time together!

10:33 pm  
Blogger Debs said...

these are just gorgeous!! x

10:22 pm  

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