Friday, March 09, 2007

Busy times!

Lots of stuff to tell you :o)

The Tuesday before last, I went to see Madam Butterfly at the Albert Hall. The Albert Hall really is an amazing venue and I spent ages just looking around. The performance itself was very good. The set was fantastic – a Japanese water garden which becomes a Zen garden in the second half. I did thoroughly enjoy it but my attention began to wander towards the end. I’ve been so tired recently and trying to concentrate on opera definitely wasn’t helping.

Wednesday before last, I started a new bellydance class. I’m now back to intermediate level, which is where I was when I moved down here. The teacher is really friendly and the class is quite small and seem friendly too. We’re doing stick dancing for the rest of this term, so it should be good fun too. It’s taken me ages to find a class I really feel at ease with and I think this might be it!

On Friday, I bought the new Sims 2 expansion pack, only to find it still had the security lock on it when I got it home. Graeme suggested he could take a hacksaw to it but I declined that offer. Instead, I sent him to the HMV in Putney to get it removed while I was waiting in the Post Office on the Saturday morning.

Saturday saw the departure of my latest CJ on its travels around the UK. It’s one with my team from UKS and I am really looking forward to working on everyone’s CJs. I feel I have a real bond with my team and it will be lovely to have something of their work to keep!

On Sunday, I met up with the wonderful Jaihn for the first time. We chatted for ages and the time just disappeared. I left there feeling more postive about things than I had for a long time. It was just wonderful to chat to someone who's been there and understands :o) We're going to meet again soon for some crafty fun - yay!

This week has just disappeared really. I would say nothing of note has happened but I'm not sure if that's true. I've rediscovered and started to acknowledge parts of my life that I have been denying since moving here. I have embraced my spirituality again and it has never felt so right. I'm trying to dedicate time everyday for me and the things I need to help me in life. I meditated on Wednesday for the first time in ages. I didn't think I would be able to do it anymore. However, I amazed myself at how quickly I was gone. Apart from one interuption where I became super aware of my hands (most odd), I managed 30 minutes solid. I think I must have needed it!

I'm also really enjoying the spring days. It has been sunny most days when I was walking to work, which has been most welcome. I walk through Victoria Embankment Gardens and just drink in the green, the flowers and the sun. We've also got the most beautiful mini daffodils in our window-box along with some feathered friends looking for food (I can't take credit for the photo. It was Graeme who got it. Goodness knows how!).
So, this post has turned into a bit of a ramble really. Nevermind. To sum it all up - good things are happening :o)

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Blogger Kat said...

Wowee, hun - great photos. Really have to hang up my bird feeder soon!!

10:26 pm  
Anonymous jaihn said...

You say the sweetest things!

2:36 am  

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