Sunday, April 29, 2007

Symptoms of being a Sharon growing-up:

  1. Nothing seems nicer than having a garden and growing veg/fruit/flowers/weeds (using skills learned from Sims2: Seasons).
  2. Watching Battlestar Galactica results in serious philosophical discussion.
  3. You want a shed complete with potter’s wheel and kiln to be your craft space.
  4. Knitting in a rocking chair seems like a fab way to de-stress.
  5. You’re concerned about the day that you can no longer isolate your muscles for belly rolls.
  6. The thought of being an elderly prim is actually worrying.
  7. You can hardly move in your kitchen for appliances.
  8. You worry about never reading all the books that you’ve bought (and keep buying).
  9. Sharing cake with friends is the nicest gesture in the world.
  10. You're thinking about buying your boyfriend a trip on Virgin Galactic for his 40th.



Blogger Anam_Kihaku said...

cound me in for most of those too - you are not alone.

12:34 am  

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