Friday, April 20, 2007

Current things of joy!

  1. Spring! It’s sprung, the grass is ris and heck,I know where all those birdies is. Outside my living room window singing away when I get home in the evening :o) It really is wonderful. I seem to have blocked out the aircraft noise now, so all I hear is little birdies singing away!
  2. Lunch in the park. This is mainly a product of 1. That hour of escape with a good book to the park is heaven to me at the moment. It’s my ray of light in the grey, dullness of work.
  3. The Northern Lights. No, not the phenomenon, the book by Philip Pullman! I have intended to read His Dark Materials for a while now. A friend kept at me, until I caved and bought the first book yesterday. Soooo good. I just had to buy the other two yesterday!
  4. Melon (cantaloupe). Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit weird about fruit. I am really limited with the fruits that I can actually eat. It’s a texture thing, nothing to do with the taste. Also, oranges upset my tummy. So, apples, papaya, cherries and melon are my limit really. It makes me so happy to see sunny Melons in the shops again :o)
  5. Holibags! The tickets arrived yesterday and it feels so close now I can smell it. YAY for impending Cretan sunshine!

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Blogger Anam_Kihaku said...

the northenr lights is amazing book. cant wait for the movies :)

3:19 am  

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