Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two weeks later...

And so much has happened. I feel like my feet have hardly touched the ground over the last few weeks.

First was my Dad’s retirement. All in all it was a lovely day. There was a presentation at his workplace, which Mum, Graeme and I attended. It was a lovely experience and I think Dad was over-whelmed at the outpouring of gratitude that he received. I’ve realised that our family has a trait of being terribly self-effacing (or self-defacing as Graeme puts it), which in some ways sweet, is not very healthy. I’m really pleased for Dad though, as I think this will mark the start of better things in his life. He’ll be safer too (I hope), which makes me very happy.

I had to leave Edinburgh on Sunday evening to travel to Sheffield for a conference. Nothing really much to say about that one, except I am glad it is over!

After a few busy days at home, it was off to Bedford for Easter and Graeme’s birthday (both the same day, how convenient). I really had an amazing, relaxing weekend. On Saturday, we had a Barbeque and played croquet at Graeme’s friend Jamie’s house. I had never played croquet before and after one game, I decided to leave it to the boys! It’s a bit of a nasty game but good fun all the same.

Easter Sunday saw a visit to the Rothschild’s house (lol). They donated Ascott House to the National Trust and boy, is it a beauty. Within minutes of walking in the door, we discovered a Hogarth and a Gainsborough! The gardens were something else too. They looked out over the Vale of Aylesbury giving a truly fantastic view of the countryside.

In the evening, we had a slap-up meal courtesy of Graeme’s Mum. Plenty of chocolate eggs were also eaten!

So, it’s kinda back to semi-normality now. Although, there is so much wonderful energy about at the moment that I feel like I am about to burst sometimes! I love Spring and all the moving-forwardness associated with it. It’s all good and I’m sure it’s going to get better.

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Blogger Anam_Kihaku said...

beautiful photo :) glad things are cool for you.

5:46 pm  
Anonymous Jen said...

Sharon, I agree, it's like winter is just a dustsheet and spring comes and blows it away, sorry, thats sounds so corny.

7:47 pm  

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