Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Garden Visitors

When I was home at my Parents last week, I managed to get a piccy of this little chap stealing the birds nuts! I had to take it from the house so it's on full zoom but I'm pleased with it nonetheless.

I love my Parents garden. Although it's not huge, it seems to be a haven for birds, squirrels, mice and sometimes the odd hedgehog. I'm quite jealous of them - we don't have a garden here and I think it will be a good while before we can get somewhere that has one. I long for the day that I have green space to tend and nurture as my own. I want to grow my own veg and have a herb garden to use in cooking and herbal remedies. It's a long way off yet though, but at least I have something to dream of :o)


Blogger Kat said...

Wow, girl! That pic is absolutely great! And the little "thief" looks sooo cute!! :)

2:29 pm  

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