Thursday, April 09, 2009

Playing the tourist and enjoying dessert

Having a nice relaxing day at home after playing the tourist since last Friday. I had a friend from Edinburgh visiting and she had last been to London a good few years ago. We had four packed days and managed to see most of the touristy things. I took her on a boat trip along the Thames on Saturday, as that's such a good way to see a lot of things and get some lovely photos. The weather has been fantastic too, which is always a bonus.

The highlight for me was doing a tour of The Globe Theatre. I've been to see a performance there, but it was nice to get the guided tour and just spend some time just looking at the Theatre, without concentrating on a performance. It really is an amazing place and I find it unbelieveable how unsupportive Southwark Council were to the whole idea.

Yesterday was G's birthday, so we went out for a nice meal last night. We decided on a Viennese restaurant in Sheen called Cafe Strudel. The food was excellent and I had no idea that Austrian wine was so good! For dessert, I had a layered pina colada (a layer of pineapple jam under a coconut mousse topped with caramel and crumble) , which is probably one of the loveliest things I've eaten in a while. We'll certainly go back there again.



Blogger Kat said...

Ooooohh! Sounds good! :) Photies please!! ;)

As for a VIENNESE RESTAURANT??? We HAVE such things in the UK? Wow!! :)

PS: new visitors coming down after 18th May. :) Not sure how long, could be up to a week maybe?

12:33 am  
Anonymous Paula Sindberg said...

Thanks for the plug for Cafe Strudel. It's a great place and the wine list is awesome.

10:38 am  

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