Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Tonight was the first airing of Torchwood on council telly. I have been so excited all week about it, and unfortunately, now I’m a little disappointed. I have to say the first two episodes weren’t greatly inspiring. Both were predictable and nothing new. I mean how many times has the old “alien who feeds off sexual energy” storyline been rehashed?!

I admit Captain Jack is a highly attractive lead character but can we just stop with the so-obvious it hurts sexual tension with Gwen thing? Doctor Who was turned into a sci-fi soap opera with the whole Rose/Doctor soppy nonsense. Now, it’s happening again. The sad thing is, in my opinion, that these episode writers are no longer writing for an audience interested in science-fiction or just good old adventure stories. They just churn out any old nonsense because they know enough kids will watch. However, Torchwood isn’t for kids, it was supposed to be adult sci-fi. Well, if that’s the case, can we have some intelligent storylines please?!


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