Monday, October 16, 2006

A true goddess!

Last night we went to see the delectable and utterly glamorous Dita von Teese. We were so lucky to get tickets for her first public show since 1998. Apparently, they sold out in 24 hours. Graeme and I saw tickets selling on Ebay for £250!

I have to say that she was fantastic. She did two performances – Bird of Paradise and the Champagne Glass. Bird of Paradise involved a gilded birdcage and a fan dance with beautiful fuschia pink feathers. The Champagne Glass consisted of rather a lot of splashing about in a human sized champagne glass and looking like she was having such good fun. After watching her perform, I fully understand why Dita is one of the world’s top burlesque performers. She is ultra stylish, ultra sexy and not tacky in the slightest. Dita puts many burlesque performers I’ve seen to shame.

Unfortunately, the whole evening was almost ruined by the venue. Koko, although lovely, is not a good venue for a performance. It’s tiered but the tiers aren’t tiered (if you get what I mean). So, if you’re not at the front and you’re my height, you’ll see nothing. There were loads of people like me complaining that they couldn’t see a thing. When a group of us finally stood up on a bench to get a better view, an ape of a bouncer told us to get down. It must have taken him a lot of guts to tell some small, petite women to get down from a bench. Eventually, Graeme took matters into his own hands and being the wonderful person he is, managed to blag us into the VIP lounge :o) It was great – a clear view, a private bar and come celebs to keep us company (apparently, Gary Kemp and Amy Winehouse were there, although I only had eyes for Dita). I am so happy that Graeme managed to turn a potential disaster into an amazing night. Makes me realise how lucky I am to have him :o)


Blogger Heather said...

Kudos to Graeme for blagging you into the VIP lounge!

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