Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CSI: London

What a day! My work was broken into last night and a whole load of our servers were stolen (as well as two laptops). Apparently, the culprits had got in through the roof and they seem to have known exactly where they were going. Very suspicious stuff.

It was uber exciting though. We had a Scene of Crime officer in and he was dusting for prints and all sorts of other stuff. I was upset they didn't bring any of the yellow "crime scene" tape :o(

The downside to it all was that we were severely limited as to what we could do all day. Surprisingly, I managed to keep myself busy! Tomorrow will be catch up day as I'm off on Friday - hooray!


Anonymous diz x said...

oh lord...sorry hun....
hope all works out ..xxxxxxxxxxx

9:06 pm  

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