Monday, September 25, 2006

More candles on the cake.

Well, Saturday was my birthday. My parents visited for the weekend and they seemed to enjoy themselves - phew! We had a lovely day on Saturday being tourists. It helped that the weather was absolutely beautiful! We went on a boat trip along the Thames, which was fab. It's such a quick way to see loads of places, and it helps with figuring out where everything is in the city.

On Saturday night, we all went out for dinner with Graeme's parents. It was the first time both sets of parents had met and it did seem to go well. Thank goodness. The restaurant we went to was excellent - "Ma Goa". It was Indian food but very regional. Everything we had was delicious. I had the most beautiful Korma, which had rose water and nutmeg in it. It was so full flavoured, I am hungry just thinking about it.

Sunday was spent wandering around Covent Garden and having Dim Sum. My parents were a bit overwhelmed by the Dim Sum experience but I think they enjoyed it in the end. Unfortunately, the time came for them to leave all too soon. It's crazy not having them nearby anymore but I am glad they are keen to come and visit often.

I got loads of lovely birthday presents including a fabby sewing machine! I have so many plans for it - I'd best get it out of the box for a start :o)


Blogger Heather said...

Glad you had such a fun birthday weekend, Sharon (and that the two sets of parents got on).

Ah, happy memories of 6 years living in London.. :)

8:43 pm  
Anonymous diz x said...

happy birthday hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

9:04 pm  

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