Monday, October 02, 2006

A Kat-tastic weekend

Today was back to Earth with a bang after Kat’s visit. It was great to see her again and we had good fun.

On Friday we visited the British Museum. It’s fast becoming a favourite place of mine. They had an exhibition on “Power and Taboo: Sacred objects from the Pacific”, which was fascinating. It’s interesting that the concept of taboo originates from the Polynesian practise of “tapu”, which meant managing and working with the Gods. It seems to have evolved from being something quite active and positive into something very passive and forbidden.

Afterwards, it was off to Ponti's for a late lunch and then a browse around the bookshops in Tottenham Court Road.

Saturday was Ally Pally Stamp and Scrapbooking Show. I can't say I was overly impressed. It was far too busy, far too warm and many people seemed to be lacking in manners. I also found it difficult to get anything I wanted to buy. I expect I may be far too picky now. In saying that, I managed to get some lovely Banana Frog stamps, a couple of Brilliance inkpads and some utterly yummy Blonde Moments embossing powders!

On Saturday night, we let Kat loose on the Sims 2, which in combination with a few glasses of wine was rather amusing :o)

Typically, the weather on Sunday was pretty poor but that didn't stop us taking Kat to Hotel Chocolat (nothing could stop me where there is concernced!). Some lovely treats were purchases and a lot of ooohing and mmming went on. Then we introduced Kat to the wonder of Dim Sum. We got rather more than when we took my parents, as Kat seemed to get into the swing of things better. The final part of our day was spent looking around the V&A. It's another place I could spend days :o)

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. The only downside was Monday morning arriving too quickly!


Anonymous Diz x said...

oh I love the v and a .........could spend hours in there.......In fact I already mor then,,,,,,,,,
and as for hotel chocolat..well I stay out of the shops, its bad enough that the catalogues arrive on my their ginger.............
oh and just about everyhtingelse.............

11:16 pm  
Blogger Galaxy Girl said...

ahummm, did you not pop across the road from the Museum to Bury Place and Blade Rubber Stamps - bad girl!!


5:21 pm  

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