Friday, December 01, 2006

The neep enygma

Last night, I discovered that what we in Scotland call a turnip is very different to what Engerlanders consider a turnip. Graeme bought a "turnip" for our St Andrew's night dinner. I commented on it being a little small for a turnip but didn't think much more of it. It was only once Graeme had put it in the steamer that I noticed it was white. Not the usual yellow loveliness I associated with turnip.

Anyhoo, it was vile. Utterly minging. Being a bit perturbed by the whole affair, I turned to the source of all knowledge - wikipedia. Turns out what we Scots call a "neep" and is marketed in Scotland as a turnip is, in fact, a swede. Here, a turnip is what we in Scotland would call a swede. It's completely absurd!

I know it's not the most interesting post ever, but I feel people have a right to know. I was looking forward to that damn turnip!


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