Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Embru Adventure

It seems like ages since I've updated my blog. I've had plenty of things to say but hardly any time to write it down.

I started back work today after a lovely long weekend in Edinburgh. On Friday, we caught up with Heather and Faith. Both seem to be doing ok. Heather is much happier now that she has things settled at work. After that, it was off to indulge in the ritual of Jimmy Chungs with Kat and Doug. It was great to see both of them and we ate our fill of lovely Chinese food. Then, it was off home to Whitburn in the pouring rain.

We spent the Saturday and Sunday at Mum and Dads. I really enjoyed myself. We went shopping during the day on Saturday. I bought loads of cheap goodies for the house from Matalan (our nearest in London is Brent Cross) and Graeme got some new shoes. On Saturday night, my friends visited and we had a "few" drinks. It was a great laugh and fantastic to catch up with them.

On Sunday, we went to New Lanark and the Falls of Clyde. Graeme had never been before and I wanted to share one of my favourite places with him. It was cold but still sunny and the place was as beautiful as ever. We got some lovely pictures including the one of the Robin above. We met him walking alongside the river where he was perched on a tree. He was such a little show-off and I am convinced he was posing!

Yesterday was difficult. I found it sad leaving Dad at the station knowing I won't see my parents over Christmas. By the time I met Kat at Chocolate Soup, I was thoroughly miffed with everything. However, after a chat and some choccy I felt a bit better, and we all plodded down to the train station. The journey back was uneventful, although I did shed a few tears from time to time. I really find it difficult being so far from home and I miss the connection that I had with Edinburgh. It's hard to make the same connection with London.


Blogger Kat said...

AWH, hun - ((((BIG HUGS)))) As I said, it's probably just the first trip back "home" that made you feel like that. And the job situation.

And if it is still that bad come July
/August 2007 ... then you and Graeme can look into some solution.

8:02 pm  

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