Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Journal: Day 3

Day three done! I hope I can keep up the momentum this week and get entries done after work. I'm really pleased with this entry. The card inside the envelope is a design I wasn't happy with and the papers are one's I've used on other cards.

The journalling is inside the card and reads:

This weekend I have been working away on making my Christmas cards. I try to make my cards every year but sometimes I leave it a little too late. I always say I’ll get them started in November but it never seems to happen! This year I’ve actually been pretty organised in getting them done this early. Now, that we live in London the Postal Service is a big factor in things. I used to be able to hand people their cards a few days before Christmas Day but not this year!

In previous years, I made all my Christmas cards but now I find myself being stricter. Unless I know someone will appreciate a handmade card, I will send them a shop-bought one. It’s certainly made things less stressful, as I only have to make half the amount of cards I used to.

This year I will be making around 25 cards. The furthest travelled card is going to Lindsay in Perth, Australia.


Blogger Kat said...

Lovely entry!! :) Very clean - I'll hopefully do mine tomorrow with entry 4. Too much on today...

10:07 pm  

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